Helpful sites

When you are a newbie in the sports-betting industry you can get destroyed or distracted by the tons of informaiton you can have and get in many, different languages.

So I will try to make it easier for you to choose you way. Should you be a bettor, punter, trader or just entering as a new affiiate in the industry. I will try to be your guiding light;) Once you know where to look and how to “read” information, it wil be easier for you to make good bets or choices in zero time.

Let’s start the list :

  1. -this is my Sports Bible. You can see there all you need – results, stats, features, standing and odds. Yes, the odds are not coming from 100 bookies, but there are fair enough to get ay idea of the direction of the marketing. Also you have the site in local languages. Not forgetting to mention, that they have stats and live-scores for all top sports like basketball, tennis , cricke, rugby and volleyball.
  2. top100bookmakers – so this is my guiding light for what is happening with the bookmakers, who is in the top 10 standing and why. Also here you can check the opinions from different players and read remarkable reviews.
  3. – when you want to check a specific odds , this is your place. You have amazin searching tool on the left upper side – just eneter the name of the club and you will see all that you want and need. Every, respected trader is using it alongside with all the tools.
  4. – if you are keen in American sports and lines – this is your place. I will not give you too much information, because I want you to check the site by yourself.
  5. SBR forum – this is the place where you see the good odds, tips and what people think of any given bookmaker. Aso each bookies is having a mart/degree A +++ is the best. Also you can take and look of cases with dispute of players against rough houses.

Final words : you might have expected a large list, yes but I jus see and chek those sites. If you are working in a sports betting company, you can add Betradar as a tool. If you are using Betradar, then this post would not be sufficient for you. I hope you enjoyed my 2 cents.

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