Best markets for betting

This will be a very interesting article. Why I am saying this? Because everyone knows all and coplemte information about betting, it does not matter if we speak about pre-match or live games. Everyone thinks that the most popular markets can give you the best outcome. Maybe you are right. We will see in the next few lines:

Corner betting:

This is one very interesting issue. Corners have more value than goals. I will explain you why? This is and will be my point of view for a long period of time. I used to be sports trader and do know and have clear idea what is the mentality of any bettor or punter. Corner as a martket and as a gola is more and easy to achieve for any of the team. You can imagine or record any game who ended 0-0 , but at the end there were over 15 or 20 corners.

Cards betting:

Yellow and red carda are not only part of the statistics only. I.e in many ot the Lazio-Roma games (derby della capitale), there always were red cards. To be a red card in the game can be rewarded with very hidh odds from 3.5 ti 5. It depends on the game, bets and Championship.

Asian Handicaps betting:

So this is the part where the value is born. I mean that in most of the games, no matter of the sport , first comes the asian handicap. Why favourite is better that underdog and with what poitnts or goals. Afterwards bookies show the money-line. At least this is the scenario in all the AMerican sports.

Arbitrage betting:

If you are a novice having only one account at one sports-betting house, this paragraph will definitely will not be your part. For such type or betting you have to be prepared for : high stake, great discipline and patience. Also not on the last place you might get limited in no time. Will give you more detailed information in the upcoming articles.

Value betting:

So when you are experienced enough you search via differen tools, where the odds is higher. I mean , you are following as a professional a lot of games, via different bookies and databases. When you get the signal for dropping odds fro 2.5 to 2 or 1.8, ypu go and place a bet to any given sportsbook. But, when a sports trader catches you, bam you are limited.

Hunter betting:

We speak here mostly about ” bonus hunters”. How it can all happen? You see a bookie , who just entered the market and the sports bonus is easy to get rolled over. YOu find the best method for depositing and try to achieve and obey the rules for couple of hour or few days. You do not wait for 30 days to make it all completed. About casino bonuses is much more harder, because there you need to make a roll-over of 30, 35 or 50 times of (deposit+bonus). The bad thing is the playin in roulette, does not count.

Special markets betting :

This is one of my favourite parts. Special markets are the ones regarding player pros : in American footbal, baseball or basketbaal. Special ones are such as for politics or any other single, strange even. Here betting comes for fur or if you are too deep in knowledge of any given sport. If you are that good enough, you can earn fortune.

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