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I am great fan of sports and casino betting for over 20 years. Betting is something unique as with it you reveal some gifts and talents from your inner or “dark” part. With gambling you can cleary learn what are your limits, fears and are you able to bet to the max.

I have chosen the name livemax.bet as in it is all the essence of what I believe about betting. Especially on sports, the most extreme bets are the ones made on live. It does not matter is it about: football, basketball, tennis or even baseball. Yes, we in Europe do not like to bet a lot on Amerian sports. By American, I mean baseball, american football and ice hockey.

The real thrill is when you are placing your like stake, when you are seeing the bet running in and while watching the game. It is about great passion and fever, because you think you are smart enough to place mostly winning bets.

Taking the maximum stake of an event or market deserves balls and great discipline. Maybe you have learnt and read all about these, but I will try to give you just another point of view.

Stick with me and we will win together.

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