10 reasons to love betting

When you start doing something, you need to have passion about it. It does not matter if it gonna be for life or just ot have fun for small fraction of time. It all start with the small steps of fun and entertainment and then it becomes more serious.

So in the post I will explain and give you my 10 reason for my love in betting:

  1. Numbers/figures/odds – the most important thins is to know on which odds to make a bet and what odds mean. So i.e if you see bookie only offering AMerican or UK odds it does not mean that we should get stressed out or scared. Also let’s say HK odds i.e if in Europe for us is 1.6 for them is 0.6 , it means that the stake is taken away from the mathematical order and formula.
  2. To bet on all the sports you like – when you watch a sports game you want to predict any kind of outcome. If is football – we have corners, cards , goals and hadicaps. In basketball it is the over/under total points and player pros. IN tennis , you can bet on sets, exact score if a player is about to make a break on the serving game of his opponent.
  3. To be resposnible about your stake – when you play peanuts, it is easy and not a matter of discussion. When your signle bet starts to be 500 $ or 1000 $ , it is a matter of solid thinking and explanations. As all of you know perfect , the bet should be between 5-7% from your bank in any bookmaker. SO if you bet 1k, you need to have 20 000$ of real funnds. If you have the knowledge to make that money , would you be sitting here and reading my post? Discipline is the great different between gamblers and great punters.
  4. To split and change the game – I mean , if you are tired from betting on sports, you can go and give it a try to casino, slots , poker, virtuals or e-sports. If you remeber the old days, I mean about land-based casinos and betting shops, we did not have these opportunities. Live operatorsa are giving us plently of opportunities and markets for betting.
  5. Different payment methods – most of the people nowadays do depostits and withdraws with Skril, Neteler, BTC , Jeton, Paykasa or any methods, which do not include credit /debet cards or bank accounts.
  6. To bet on pre-match and live – so this is it – 2 parts of one game. Everyone who is having experience in gambling knows what I am speaking about. Good bettor bet only, I underline onle on pre-match. If you start watching a game and did have some ideas of what will happen, you can get dicsouraged in no time. You have to decide which part to choose.
  7. Bet to the max – if youhave become big player ,VIP one it does not matter casino or sports, you can stake like 100 000 $ or 1 000 000 $ per event. This explains the evolution of the industry.
  8. To have 100 accounts in 100 bookmakers – this sounds like a fairy tale, but it is not. So you might get problems with rememebring all paswords, but it is a challenge. So each new sports book is like a new universe. You need to obey specific rules.
  9. To roll-over different and spots bonuses – this is a great demand for experienced players and betors. Myself, I do not play anymore with bonuses. Bonus is giving you kind of pressure, which keeps you distracted from the real action
  10. To play on your mobile phone – this made sports and casino betting just the most easy piece of cake. In the previous days, you needed to go and log onto your PC and start putting stakes. Now you depend on the good internet connection , or the best way to have an application

I hope you enjoyed my point of view. Betting is a vast universe and most of the people have different opinion. Be my guest, more artices will come soon…

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